Hello, there, I am Saya (紗夜)

Here is just a part for upload draft or some doodle.Please feel free to come and have a talk.

psicomsentinel ;  
your art style is so cute QvQ I absolutely love the way you draw awwww

thanks !! /// my pleasure !

Posted on 4月 16— 3日前
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15 mintues doodle

Posted on 3月 11— 1ヶ月前
laggingqueen ;  
Oh my goodness its you!! I love your artwork! > w < It's good to see you again.

sorry I replied late !! ; ; but who are you ?

Posted on 3月 10— 1ヶ月前
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Posted on 3月 09— 1ヶ月前
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Posted on 3月 09— 1ヶ月前

To kiri ♡

Posted on 3月 02— 1ヶ月前
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I bored.

Posted on 2月 16— 2ヶ月前

my colouring as suck as always OTL

Posted on 2月 16— 2ヶ月前

Happy Valentine Day !!!

Posted on 2月 15— 2ヶ月前
匿名 ;  
why you had deleted you DA account ?

for my personal reason (wry smile). I do regret of it.

Posted on 2月 09— 2ヶ月前
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